About Us

About Skubes Store

Welcome to Skubes Store.  Here you will find all the lesson slides created by teachers and used to teach k-12 lessons on www.Skubes.com.  All our lessons are created by teachers currently working in education and the videos are taught by the same teachers.  Now you can use the same lesson slides as seen in our videos on your smartboard or any other device that you use to teach on.  Each file you download from Skubes store includes a pdf, jpeg, and power point files.  Our lesson slides were created with teachers in mind so plenty of room has been left available for the teacher to draw or illustrate as needed.  For teachers in common core states, the slide descriptions are aligned and labeled to reflect the CCSS code that the lesson slides are targeting.

About Skubes.com

Skubes.com is now in schools in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.  Our popularity has grown because our content is created and taught the way a teacher in a classroom today would teach it. Plus, Skubes.com has great tools for teachers allowing them to assign, track and create data around the videos and how they are used. Most importantly our site and tools inside are easy to learn and fit in with a teachers daily routine, rather than the teacher having to change their routine to fit the technology.